Design Development and Product Sourcing

Industrial Design

Industrial design is not simply style and illustration; it is the life-blood of your company. At Parallel Design, we specialize in creating innovation. Whether functional or aesthetic, hand drawn or computer generated, we have the creative capacity and the technical savvy to achieve your product goals.

Our Services Include:

  • Product Innovation
    • Differentiate your company from the competition.
    • Brainstorm unique solutions and products to enhance your marketing strategies.
    • Reface old products with novel features and contemporary style.
  • Concept Development
    • Incorporate critical requirements into the design.
    • Illustrate options and features with quick descriptive sketches and marker renderings which clearly demonstrate ideas and inspire the imagination.
    • Provide 3D surfacing as a visual aid to enhance and refine shape, color and texture.
    • Ensure that surfaces provided capture the design intent while acknowledging manufacturing requirements.
  • Concept Model Studies
    • Verify concept aesthetics and style through forming and sculpting in clay and foam.
    • Enhance product understanding through interactive design manipulation with the physical model.
    • Seamlessly integrate ergonomic and human factor concerns with the design.
  • Photo-Rendering
    • Render final 3D surfaces to a photo realistic quality that allows packaging, sales and advertising to move forward concurrently with the final product engineering.


Parallel Design is dedicated to providing our customers with quality engineering while maintaining the industrial design intent. We use state-of-the-art software to generate three-dimensional part geometry. Our team’s technical expertise and response time helps get your product to market faster and at reduced cost.

Our Services Include:

  • Project Management
    • Set timelines and mange deliverables.
    • Coordinate multiple disciplines and locations.
  • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Establish engineering constraints and evaluate risks.
    • Optimize for functionality, quality and cost while preserving design intent.
    • Provide professional engineering to your product.
  • Solid Modeling
    • Create advanced 3D surfacing for highly styled amorphous shapes.
    • Model all parts with necessary manufacturing features including all drafts, rounds, shut-offs, etc.
    • Build with the right modeling techniques to ensure ID integration throughout and ease of manipulation later.
  • Complex Parts and Assemblies
    • Create gearing designs in 3D and prototype utilizing UTS Gear software and SLA rapid prototyping for functional testing of electrical-mechanical systems.
    • Use 3D data to simulate moving components, confirm fits and clearances, verify volumes and part weights and develop stack heights and carton sizing.
  • Manufacturing Expertise
    • Maintain competencies in all major plastics and metal processes to ensure accurate and quality designs.
    • Source manufacturing and production through our selected vendors.


Parallel Design’s prototyping center verifies your designs before production investment. Our detail-oriented model makers utilize the latest technologies and materials to give you the most accurate pre-production parts possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Rapid Prototyping
    • Finish parts on demand with in-house SLA machines running the latest materials. Stay up to date with the latest materials so your parts handle functional testing better and last longer.
    • Machining
    • Full service non-ferrous prototype milling and turning, manual and CNC. Pre-production vacuum-form tooling.
  • Soft Tooling
    • Create silicon molds and urethane casting for low volume sampling with various quality material offerings.
  • Vacuum and Thermoforming
    • Design build and sample prototype vacuum-form tooling.
    • Form sheet stock up to 4’x6′.
  • Breadboard Models
    • Verify engineering and electrical mechanical concepts.
  • Freeform Sculpting
    • Carve 3D sketches in foam to evaluate aesthetics and ergonomics.
    • Sculpt freeform surfaces, including complex housings and figurative models.
  • Finishes and Painting
    • Produce fine high-gloss finishes or textured appearances to replicate final finish callouts.


Parallel Design can provide off shore project management tailored to your tooling and production requirements. We help you manage mold design through the final sampling of your product. We are experienced with complex assemblies and provide high quality inspection, packaging, and logistics.

Our Services Include:

  • Molds
    • Experience with virtually every molding style.
    • Single cavity to multiple cavity tools.
    • Proto-type to high production.
    • Standard runner/gates to hot manifolds with valve gates.
    • Injection mold sampling at the manufacturing facility.
  • Parts
    • A wide range of products.
    • Limited production and prototype runs.
    • Long-run, high-volume production.
    • A variety of materials and processes; plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum…
    • Supporting hardware, such as bolts, nuts, washers…
  • Assembly of components
    • Complete selection of printing processes.
    • Packaging for the final display or master cartons.
  • QC inspections
    • Logistics, warehousing & transportation.
    • Schedule shipments.
    • Track delivery.
    • Manage freight and duties.
    • Provide warehousing for production.
    • Manage inventory levels.
    • Arrange delivery to client’s warehouse/final customer.
    • Maintain schedules ad order fulfillment.


Parallel Design continually strives to provide the absolute best application development programming services. We can help you leverage the latest technologies to fit any programming needs you may have. We specialize in custom, interactive applications. We work within your hardware and OS preferences.

Our Services Include:

  • Programming
    • Develop desktop applications.
    • Create custom code to handle your specific application-based needs.
  • IOT (Internet Of Things) Development
    • Develop hardware and firmware to meet today’s challenging environments
  • Database Management
    • Program a custom solution to meet your needs.
    • Realize proficient databases that store, modify and extract your information accurately and reliably.
  • Website Hosting
    • Domain registration and email setup and maintenance.
    • Search engine submission and optimization.


Welcome to Parallel Design. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your company. Parallel Design is a full-service sourcing and product development firm headquartered in Wooster, OH. We combine expert personnel with state of the art equipment and select ISO certified manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping our customers bring their products to market.

Our industrial designers combine in-depth design research with powerful illustrations to wow your customers and stimulate interest in your product. Our engineers create precise throughput to manufacturing with detailed 3D surfacing and quality control documentation. If you need prototyping, we’ve got it from SLA, CNC, vacuum forming, casting and much more. We will oversee production for you including settings up quality standards and managing inventory.

Parallel Design is geared around product innovation. We serve Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike, from the automotive industry to consumer goods. Many of our clients rely on us for full-service from product ideation to handling the logistics of importing and warehousing. Other clients need specific help with certain areas of development as their workload demands. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please browse the rest of our site for further details about our capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and provide solutions for your current and future projects.