Worldwide Sourcing

Parallel Design can provide off shore project management tailored to your tooling and production requirements. We help you manage mold design through the final sampling of your product. We are experienced with complex assemblies and provide high quality inspection, packaging, and logistics.

Our Services Include:

  • Molds
    • Experience with virtually every molding style.
    • Single cavity to multiple cavity tools.
    • Proto-type to high production.
    • Standard runner/gates to hot manifolds with valve gates.
    • Injection mold sampling at the manufacturing facility.
  • Parts
    • A wide range of products.
    • Limited production and prototype runs.
    • Long-run, high-volume production.
    • A variety of materials and processes; plastic, rubber, steel, aluminum…
    • Supporting hardware, such as bolts, nuts, washers…
  • Assembly of components
    • Complete selection of printing processes.
    • Packaging for the final display or master cartons.
  • QC inspections
    • Logistics, warehousing & transportation.
    • Schedule shipments.
    • Track delivery.
    • Manage freight and duties.
    • Provide warehousing for production.
    • Manage inventory levels.
    • Arrange delivery to client’s warehouse/final customer.
    • Maintain schedules ad order fulfillment.