Parallel Design’s prototyping center verifies your designs before production investment. Our detail-oriented model makers utilize the latest technologies and materials to give you the most accurate pre-production parts possible.

Our Services Include:

  • Rapid Prototyping
    • Finish parts on demand with in-house SLA machines running the latest materials. Stay up to date with the latest materials so your parts handle functional testing better and last longer.
    • Machining
    • Full service non-ferrous prototype milling and turning, manual and CNC. Pre-production vacuum-form tooling.
  • Soft Tooling
    • Create silicon molds and urethane casting for low volume sampling with various quality material offerings.
  • Vacuum and Thermoforming
    • Design build and sample prototype vacuum-form tooling.
    • Form sheet stock up to 4’x6′.
  • Breadboard Models
    • Verify engineering and electrical mechanical concepts.
  • Freeform Sculpting
    • Carve 3D sketches in foam to evaluate aeshetics and ergonomics.
    • Sculpt feeform surfaces, including complex housings and figurative models.
  • Finishes and Painting
    • Produce fine high-gloss finishes or textured appearances to replicate final finish callouts.