Welcome to Parallel Design. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your company. Parallel Design is a full-service sourcing and product development firm headquartered in Wooster, OH. We combine expert personnel with state of the art equipment and select ISO certified manufacturing facilities located throughout Asia. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping our customers bring their products to market.

Our industrial designers combine in-depth design research with powerful illustrations to wow your customers and stimulate interest in your product. Our engineers create precise throughput to manufacturing with detailed 3D surfacing and quality control documentation. If you need prototyping, we’ve got it from SLA, CNC, vacuum forming, casting and much more. We will oversee production for you including settings up quality standards and managing inventory.

Parallel Design is geared around product innovation. We serve Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs alike, from the automotive industry to consumer goods. Many of our clients rely on us for full-service from product ideation to handling the logistics of importing and warehousing. Other clients need specific help with certain areas of development as their workload demands. We would be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Please browse the rest of our site for further details about our capabilities. We welcome the opportunity to discuss and provide solutions for your current and future projects.

Thank you for your time and consideration of Parallel Design!