Parallel Design is dedicated to providing our customers with quality engineering while maintaining the industrial design intent. We use state-of-the-art software to generate three-dimensional part geometry. Ourteams technical expertise and response time helps get your product to market faster and at reduced cost.

Our Services Include:

  • Project Management
    • Set timelines and mange deliverables.
    • Coordinate multiple disciplines and locations.
  • Mechanical Design Engineering
    • Establish engineering constraints and evaluate risks.
    • Optimize for functionality, quality and cost while preserving design intent.
    • Provide professional engineering to your product.
  • Solid Modeling
    • Create advanced 3D surfacing for highly styled amorphous shapes.
    • Model all parts with necessary manufacturing features including all drafts, rounds, shut-offs, etc.
    • Build with the right modeling techniques to ensure ID integration throughout and ease of manipulation later.
  • Complex Parts and Assemblies
    • Create gearing designs in 3D and prototype utilizing UTS Gear software and SLA rapid prototyping for functional testing of electrical-mechanical systems.
    • Use 3D data to simulate moving components, confirm fits and clearances, verify volumes and part weights and develop stack heights and carton sizing.
  • Manufacturing Expertise
    • Maintain competencies in all major plastics and metal processes to ensure accurate and quality designs.
    • Source manufacturing and production through our selected vendors.